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"Catherine is amazing at what she does. She has changed my life! I have struggled with pain for so long. She has given me a freedom I did not know was possible!"

L. Rorey, Acupuncture/Acutonics Patient

"Thorough intake, answered all of my questions, very professional. My first visit, but certainly won't be my last. I feel amazing thanks to Catherine, Highly recommend!"

N. Spry, Acupuncture/Reiki/Acutonics Patient

"Ms. Davis has so much knowledge and wants to help her clients. We went over a variety of health issues, and were able to put a plan together that works for me. This was my first time having acupuncture, and she put me at ease while working on my body. Great job!"

J. Hawkins, Acupuncture/Acutonics Patient

"Catherine asked good questions and listened with professionalism, compassion, and connection. Her treatment was thorough, relaxing, and gentle. I trust in her care, her intuitive nature as well as her intellectual understanding of complexities of all that is involved in helping the body find its balance and wellbeing through TCM."

C. Stinchcomb, Acupuncture/Acutonics Patient

Anonymous, Acupuncture Patient

"Catherine was very thorough, and was amazing at going right to the areas that bothered me. I felt very comfortable and relaxed! Amazing experience."

"Very impressed. She is very thorough, and listens to you, and is very happy to help you. Catherine is very professional, and yet so easy to talk to. She is very talented."

R. Leager, Acupuncture/Acutonics Patient

"Very open and honest about what can be done to improve my health!"

K. Siter, Acupuncture/Acutonics Patient

"The recent acupuncture appointment was to help with my nicotine addiction. 46.5 hours - no smoke! One day at a time".

Anonymous, Acupuncture Patient

"Catherine made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with my first experience with acupuncture. I look forward to returning for my next visit."

Anonymous, Acupuncture Patient

"I really appreciate Catherine's suggestions for alternative treatments she thinks might help - generous spirit!"

Anonymous, Acupuncture Patient

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